Press Bliss Ecospray 11/06/2022

Bliss Ecospray deploys its high performance confined spraying technology to 15 partner winegrowers and industry players in France

Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche, 16 February 2022 –In order to meet the challenges of protecting the environment and people, Bliss Ecospray is developing and designing a patented technological innovation based on high-performance confined spraying for the wine industry. After a Research & Development phase, the company is starting a season of tests in real conditions of its industrial pre-series at 15 partner winegrowers throughout France.

From the factory to the vineyard, the year is off to a great start!

Created in January 2021 by the startup studio Technofounders and Vincent De Rudnicki, a retired research engineer from IRSTEA / INRAE, Bliss Ecospray offers sprayers that use the COANDA effect, generated by air blades, to reduce input drift and improve the quality of phytosanitary treatments in vineyards.

After several years of Research and Development, the team recently set up its production plant in Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche (78) to ensure the first deliveries of its equipment. A few weeks ago, the company confirmed the schedule for the 2022 season with its 15 French winegrowing partners. This stage will allow Bliss Ecospray to :

  • fine-tune the final adjustments with prestigious wineries throughout France,
  • demonstrate the capacity of its innovation to guarantee the sanitary safety of vineyards,
  • measure the reduction of losses on the ground and in the air,
  • prove its better foliar coverage in the heart of the vineyard compared to current technologies, while reducing the dose of inputs sprayed.

Among the users for the 2022 season are winegrowers such as Château Lagrange, Vignobles Bardet and Domaine Boinaud, as well as dealer partners such as Alabeurthe.

A technological innovation eagerly awaited by the wine industry    

Using a laminar air barrier, Bliss Ecospray downspouts confine spray streams to reduce the impact of crop protection products on the environment and improve distribution quality. There is no need for a recovery system as the drift is confined at the source by the air blades, known as aerocontainment.

By confining the sprays, the Bliss Ecospray equipment allows the winegrowers to drastically limit their losses into the air, with no losses and only a few percent of losses measured on the ground via a standardized protocol during our tests (contact us to receive more details on our tests).

Finally, Bliss Ecospray is also surprisingly compatible with most of the equipment already present and used on the farms. Observed by the Bliss Ecospray teams at the Sitevi trade fair last December in Montpellier, this new technology is eagerly awaited by the winegrowers themselves as it allows them to update their equipment at a lower cost.

Bliss Ecospray will revolutionize wine spraying!

Benjamin Vimal – Deputy Director of Château Lagrange

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