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Are you a researcher?

We, researchers, make our scientific expertise available to transfer our technological innovation to an experienced team that is committed and understands our science to develop it into a relevant product or service. We constantly share and exchange our experiences with those of other researchers.

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We, investors, contribute to unique adventures by trusting pragmatic and ethical experts who allow the future profitability of each project. We share a human and daring adventure with the teams of each startup.

Are you an entrepreneur?

We entrepreneurs are committed and creators of meaningful ventures. We work with the Venture Builder team to achieve an efficient launch of each project towards industrial deployment thanks to a demanding and caring environment. We look at each difficulty as a challenge to be met in order to succeed and grow.

They speak out!


The excellent collaboration between the research laboratory and the Technofounders team allows the technology to progress smoothly and quickly towards industrialisation. Without Technofounders, I would not have founded certain companies.

Pr. Claude Grison, Cofounder and Scientific Director of BIOINSPIR and Laboratoires Bioprotection

We have many exciting challenges ahead of us in the coming months, not only to accompany the growth of the industrial startups already launched, but also for the future companies being created in connection with our themes.

Olivier Le Blainvaux, Cofounder of Technofounders

Technofounders' experience has enabled the project to avoid major pitfalls and, above all, to move faster with a strong ambition from the start. The support provided allowed us to focus on the essentials: building and developing the business, attracting and growing the right people at every stage.

Alexia Rey, CEO of NeoFarm

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