Do you have a technological innovation?

Within the framework of a technology transfer, you, the researcher, make your scientific expertise available to an experienced team that is committed to and understands your science in order to develop it into a relevant product or service.

How does it work?

Promoting your innovation through business creation

Do you have a technological innovation and want to promote it? Do you not yet know the different solutions available to you? Technofounders can help you decide together whether setting up a company is the right solution for your project. To do this, a number of questions need to be addressed in order to validate whether or not setting up a company is the right thing to do.

Our role

Customised support for you

Analysis of technological innovation

It is first necessary for the Technofounders teams to understand in detail the technological innovation and to analyse the associated potential for value creation in relation to the business creation issue. To do this, several exchanges with the researcher are necessary to clearly express the motivations and the problem addressed, the concrete results obtained so far, etc.

Operational launch of the startup

When the joint decision is taken to create a company, the terms and conditions become more concrete and it is possible to involve the research team according to the operational needs and the wishes of each person. The Technofounders business experts then embark on the project to support the startup and the first recruitments are made according to needs.

Financing of the startup

Thanks to its structure and its investment vehicle TF Participations, our venture builder Technofounders has the capacity to take on the entirety of the first financing rounds or to co-invest with other players to bring the project to fruition.

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Contact with Yves Matton immediately convinced me of the relevance of working with Technofounders, both in terms of human relations and the skills provided in structuring the creation of the company.

Vincent de Rudnicki, Cofounder and Scientific Director of Bliss Ecospray

My colleague, Jawad Aarrouf, and I found at Technofounders not only exceptional skills and energy, but also a true ethic that translates, among other things, into a deep respect for our role as co-founders of UV Boosting and as researchers.

Laurent Urban, Cofounder and Scientific Director

The excellent collaboration between the research laboratory and the Technofounders team allows the technology to progress smoothly and quickly towards industrialisation. Without Technofounders, I would not have founded certain companies.

Pr. Claude Grison, Cofounder & Scientific Director of BIOINSPIR and Laboratoires Bioprotection

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