Structuring the best teams to create impactful industrial Deep Tech startups

Our approach

Pooling of skills

The Technofounders team brings together experts from several fields and professions, usually with a multidisciplinary profile.


The operating mode of a venture builder is characterized by a rapid and flexible operational investment of these experts at the launch of the companies created.


Skills and operational procedures are quickly transferred to the teams in order to gain efficiency and focus on the key elements of the company’s launch: the sale of a product or service.


The transfer of expertise is done progressively to the startups created according to their pace of development, to become 100% autonomous in the growth phase.


A comprehensive and flexible team of experts


The mission of Technofounders' legal team is to support the growth of Technofounders and startups on a wide range of legal issues (fundraising, securities issuance, launch of a new product or startup)


The mission of the finance department is to ensure the excellence of all financial flows so that each entrepreneur can develop his or her business on a sound basis. On a day-to-day basis, the team manages the flow of purchases and sales, and reporting to CEOs and investors. It is involved in financing projects (grants, debt & fundraising).

Marketing and Communication

The role of the Marketing and Communication department is to build a unique brand image for each project and to develop it on different media, online and offline. The team is in charge of animating online communities by creating innovative content and also ensuring the organisation of trade shows in which the company participates.

The key words are creativity, animation and good humour!

Office Management

The Office Management department centralises several support missions for startups: general administration, human resources, internal organisation, premises and equipment. Its role is to ensure an optimal quality of the working environment: legibility of processes, adapted spaces and equipment, taking charge of social management and payroll, administrative support and so on.

The aim is to ensure that employees only have to focus on one goal, the success of their objectives!

Human Ressources

The Human Resources team aims to find the best expert profiles to support and accelerate the development of startups. If you share the same values as our venture builder and are interested in joining one of our startups, contact us!

Our industry expertise

Focus on the issues that will shape the world of tomorrow

Because we want to change the world and propose new and meaningful solutions, Technofounders is mainly active in three specific sectors: health, agriculture, and green chemistry & new materials. We also work prospectively in other key technology sectors such as space, security and AI.


Each of these themes is supervised by a sector expert whose mission is to detect business creation opportunities and define the most relevant modalities:


✓ Accelerating the agro-ecological transition, for a healthy and sustainable agriculture
✓ Rethink industrial chemistry and processed products by enhancing our natural resources
✓ Revolutionising the world of health through technological innovation
✓ Identifying opportunities in sectors of French technological excellence


Take part in a human and impactful adventure

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Our startups make sense, are useful to society and drive change on an industrial and global scale. You don't know them yet? Find out more about these great adventures that our employees are passionate about every day!

Are you a researcher?

Within the framework of a technology transfer, you, the researcher, make your scientific expertise available to an experienced team that is committed to and understands your science in order to develop it into a relevant product or service.

Are you an investor?

You, investors, contribute to unique adventures by trusting pragmatic and ethical experts who allow the future profitability of each project. Take part in a human and audacious adventure, shared with the teams of each startup.