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You, entrepreneurs, are committed and meaningful creators. You work in a demanding and benevolent environment with the venture builder team to achieve an efficient launch of each project up to an industrial deployment. You see each difficulty as a challenge to be taken up in order to succeed and grow.

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The TF team brings a lot of serenity to the development of the start-up, thanks to the experience accumulated during all these years on key subjects (fund raising, recruitment, piloting the industrialisation...). Today, I am convinced that we will succeed in developing UV Boosting to help more and more farmers and winegrowers to adopt new, more environmentally friendly production methods!

Baptiste Rouesné, CEO

Today, more than ever, I realise how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur, so I am delighted to have been able to do this in a privileged setting, accompanied by a very formative, experienced and empowering structure like Technofounders.

Lucas Le Bell, CEO

I came on board at the end of 2017 following my meeting with Julien (CTO) and Pierre (founder). All the planets were aligned: the desire to work together, a shared ambition and a perfect complementarity between the three of us: sales, tech and consulting.

Nicolas Bouvattier, CEO
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