Our industrial Deep Tech startups to change the world of tomorrow


Accelerate the agro-ecological transition, for a healthy and sustainable agriculture

Address climate and ecological emergency by offering innovative technological solutions and rethinking agricultural models in a sustainable, profitable and efficient way.

Green chemistry & New materials

Rethinking industrial chemistry and processed products by making use of our natural resources

Offer sustainable and responsible alternatives for key industrial sectors such as chemicals in order to reduce their environmental impact and offer healthy and effective solutions to consumers.


Improving the daily life of practitioners and the efficiency of care

Deploy new technological and industrial solutions to healthcare professionals in order to improve the well-being of patients and the daily lives of practitioners.


Identify opportunities in sectors of French technological excellence

Explore the opportunities for creating Deep Tech companies by promoting the technologies of committed researchers and revealing solutions that do not yet exist.

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Take part in a human and impactful adventure

Are you a researcher?

Within the framework of a technology transfer, you, the researcher, make your scientific expertise available to an experienced team that is committed to and understands your science in order to develop it into a relevant product or service.

Are you an investor?

You, investors, contribute to unique adventures by trusting pragmatic and ethical experts who allow the future profitability of each project. Take part in a human and audacious adventure, shared with the teams of each startup.

Are you an entrepreneur?

You, entrepreneurs, are committed and meaningful creators. You work in a demanding and benevolent environment with the venture builder team to achieve an efficient launch of each project up to an industrial deployment. You see each difficulty as a challenge to be taken up in order to succeed and grow.