ION-X - A revolutionary technology in the satellite propulsion market


Enable our customers to optimize the missions of their satellites in orbit

ION-X is a startup created in May 2021 by the venture builder Technofounders and the scientist Jacques Giérak, a world specialist in ion sources for nanoelectronics, with +30 patents filed and +35 years of research conducted at the CNRS.


Based on a patented electrospray technology, the ION-X ion liquid thruster is a real breakthrough for small satellite propulsion.


Initially developed in the 1980s for nanoelectronics applications, the focused ion beam technology provides particularly competitive performance, including twice the thrust of the state-of-the-art and 30% less fuel consumption.


In June 2022, ION-X secured €3.8 million in funding to support its R&D development, strengthen its team, and plan an in-orbit demonstration mission by the end of 2023.


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To be recognised as a major player in the space industry

The ION-X thruster currently under development is intended to meet the main current challenges of the space industry, including environmental ones: long life, high modularity and competitive projected production costs compatible with mass production.

The team

ION-X management team


After a double Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at Supaero and Georgia Institute of Technology, Thomas starts his career in 2010 at DLR in Munich as Flight Controller for the International Space Station. He then worked at Arianespace for 4 years as Technical Manager for the upper stages of the Ariane5 and Vega launchers. In 2017, Thomas switched to the consulting world after an MBA at INSEAD. He spent 5 years at the Boston Consulting Group and then joined ION-X in May 2022 as Managing Director.


Thomas Hiriart

They speak out!


I am ready to take on the human, technical and commercial challenges that are sure to come my way as DGA of ION-X and I am delighted to join the team at such a fascinating time for the space industry.

Hiriart Thomas, CEO

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ION-X - Press kit September 2022

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