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Exploring nature to reveal scientifically proven skincare products

After realising that no natural and effective mosquito repellent existed in 2021, Dr. Claude Grison, director of the ChimEco laboratory, in collaboration with the venture builder Technofounders, discovered and proved the effectiveness of a new, original and patented active ingredient obtained from 100% natural resources.

The common desire to provide innovative solutions to concrete problems with a positive societal and environmental impact brought the Laboratoires Bioprotection team together to finalise the development of Crusoé and to enable its production.

Laboratoires Bioprotection rigorously selects its suppliers and partners in order to comply with the strictest organic certification specifications. The results of scientific tests, proving the effectiveness of Laboratoires Bioprotection products, are published to guarantee real transparency to the consumer.


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Develop a portfolio of holistic treatments with scientifically proven effectiveness

The team gathered around Laboratoires Bioprotection allowed the birth of the first anti-mosquito spray in September 2021, which quickly received an excellent welcome from its users.

This first step strengthens the team’s determination to expand the natural care range: Laboratoires Bioprotection tests, formulates and sublimates natural active ingredients in order to offer a holistic, healthy and ethical response to targeted problems with always scientifically proven effectiveness.

The team

Laboratoires Bioprotection management team


Prof. Claude Grison is the founder and director of the Bio-inspired Chemistry and Ecological Innovations Laboratory (ChimEco).


She is at the origin of more than thirty CNRS patents allowing the use of plants to progressively depollute degraded terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, but also to exploit the metallic elements that these plants have concentrated.


She was recently awarded the European Inventor’s Prize 2022.

Cofounder and Scientific Director

Pr. Claude Grison


A graduate of ESCP, Edouard began his career in digital strategy consulting before moving to Webhelp (BPO leader in customer relations). He then joined a health startup as a sales manager and project manager.


Looking for a concrete project with an impact, Edouard joined Technofounders in 2021 to develop Laboratoires Bioprotection and launch Crusoé, a range of 100% natural and effective skin care products.


Edouard de Posson


A graduate of EDHEC, Justine began her career in New York as a Brand Manager at Maesa (a cosmetics brand incubator). Back in Paris, she specialised in natural and organic cosmetics at Mademoiselle bio, a specialised distributor, pioneer and reference in France, before joining Laboratoires Bioprotection to launch the Crusoé!

Marketing & Communication Manager

Justine Janicot


After studying at business school, Isaure worked as a buyer and beauty product manager at Monoprix. Passionate about natural health issues, she specialises in advising start-ups and pharmacies on development projects in the field of health and well-being. She joined Laboratoires Bioprotection in 2021 as a project manager and is in charge of the development of the company’s product ranges as well as regulatory issues.

Product Development Project Manager

Isaure Denieau

They speak out!


At Crusoé we are committed to offering 100% natural AND effective skin care products that are the result of extensive research. Thanks to a super agile team we have successfully launched our first mosquito repellent. We are working on many new segments that we can't wait to share with you!

Edouard de Posson, CEO

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