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BIOINSPIR - Creator of ecocatalysts® and biosourced molecules


Industrialising a new green chemistry sector: ecocatalysis®.

BIOINSPIR ecocatalysts® are the direct result of the research work of the ChimEco laboratory, headed by Professor Claude Grison, co-founder and scientific director of BIOINSPIR. After more than ten years of work at the frontier between green chemistry and ecology, Claude has demonstrated that certain plant species concentrate metals and that these can be used as ecocatalysts® in green chemistry reactions. Due to their novel structures, these ecocatalysts® are more efficient and responsible than traditional mining and petrochemical catalysts and open up new avenues for the synthesis of greener molecules.


To create its ecocatalysts®, BIOINSPIR uses invasive and depolluting plants that remain unexploited and represent a threat to biodiversity and the environment. In collaboration with the institutional actors in charge of their regulation, BIOINSPIR transforms these biomasses which are then no longer threats but tools to create molecules according to a bioinspired approach respectful of the environment.


The laboratory is directed by Claude Grison, co-founder and scientific director of BIOINSPIR.


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Making sustainable chemistry the new standard

BIONSPIR sees nature as THE source of inspiration for developing sustainable and efficient chemistry. BIOINSPIR believes in the power of nature to build a more responsible and enjoyable world, drawing inspiration from plants to change the way we think about chemistry.


With a strong demand for biobased products, more respectful of nature and humans, the cosmetics sector represents the first sector of opportunity for products derived from ecocatalysis: biobased solvents, fragrance molecules, etc. In the long term, opportunities for ecocatalysis applications are to be seized in all branches of synthetic chemistry.


©Cyril FRESILLON / ChimEco / CNRS Photothèque


©Cyril FRESILLON / ChimEco / CNRS Photothèque


©Cyril FRESILLON / ChimEco / CNRS Photothèque


©Cyril FRESILLON / ChimEco / CNRS Photothèque


©Cyril FRESILLON / ChimEco / CNRS Photothèque


Ludwigia peploïdes – Jussie d’eau contre canal du rhône – photoChimEco

The team

BIOINSPIR management team


Prof. Claude Grison is the founder and director of the Bio-inspired Chemistry and Ecological Innovations Laboratory (ChimEco).


She is at the origin of more than thirty CNRS patents allowing the use of plants to progressively depollute degraded terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, but also to exploit the metallic elements that these plants have concentrated.


She recently received the European Inventor Award 2022.

Cofounder and Scientific Director

Pr. Claude Grison


A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, Clément completed his studies at the National University of Singapore where sustainable chemistry, research and deeptech entrepreneurship were already his key values. He then accompanied decision-makers, from CAC40 groups to African social entrepreneurs, in their energy transition strategies at ENEA Consulting.


Prior to BIOINSPIR, he managed the recovery of household waste and bio-waste at the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis. He joined BIOINSPIR in 2022 as CEO to industrialise ecocatalysis for sustainable chemistry.


Clément Lefebvre

They speak out!


I was convinced by the potential of ecocatalysis and by the strength of the Technofounders model that I joined the BIOINSPIR adventure. Identifying breakthrough innovations and talented researchers, framing a strategic vision, providing long-term support to the teams, Technofounders will enable the emergence of future French technological champions, of which BIOINSPIR is undoubtedly one!

Clément Lefebvre, CEO

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