Cerbair - French leader in drone control


Provide proven, accessible and flexible systems against malicious drones

Since 2015, CERBAIR has focused exclusively on the development of anti-drone solutions. By constantly improving its solutions in cooperation with its demanding users, CERBAIR provides proven systems, manufactured in France and renowned for their reliability, flexibility and accessibility.


CERBAIR has recruited some of the best experts in the market to support its rapid development.


Its experience with demanding and diverse customers gives it a strong legitimacy in the anti-drone market.


From busy international airports to the Ministries of Justice and Defence of various countries, they are always one step ahead.



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To become the world leader in anti-drone solutions

For more than six years, drones have been the perfect tool to destabilise our societies because of their accessibility, ease of use and impunity.


Four threats, namely espionage, attacks, collision risks and smuggling, can affect both the military and civilians, sometimes even the direct target of criminals.


Thus, the protection of sensitive sites from drones is becoming a major issue in the national defence strategy.


Our understanding of the various issues related to the “drone threat” (technology, geopolitics, strategy, etc.) makes CERBAIR a true expert in air security. Passionate about these new issues, CERBAIR is convinced that its action helps to create a better world.

The team

Cerbair management team


Lucas graduated from EM Lyon in management and market finance. After initially working in asset management at J.P. Morgan, he co-founded CERBAIR as Managing Director. Passionate about defence issues, he hopes to transform his company into a champion in electronic warfare.


As a young father of two little boys, he enjoys good food, surfing and strategy games.


Lucas Le Bell


Antoine graduated from École Polytechnique and Berkeley in computer science and entrepreneurship. After a first experience in the world of connected objects, he joined CERBAIR in 2016 as technical director to lead the development projects.


He is also a sailing enthusiast in his spare time and never misses an opportunity to try a good restaurant.


Antoine Menini

Commercial Director

Emmanuel Nabet


A graduate of Arts et Métiers, Imperial College and ESSEC, Charlie is the Chief Operating Officer of CERBAIR after consulting experience at Roland Berger.


He is passionate about good food and sports cars and can be found cooking at the weekend or watching a Formula 1 Grand Prix.


Charlie Pinedo

They speak out!


Today, more than ever, I realise how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur, so I am delighted to have been able to do this in a privileged setting, accompanied by a very formative, experienced and empowering structure like Technofounders.

Lucas Le Bell, CEO

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