Digeiz - Visitor flow analysis solution for real estate companies and retailers


Measuring the audience of the most frequented places in the physical world, with the granularity of the web

Since 2016, Digeiz has been providing high-traffic sites such as shopping centres and airports with an audience measurement solution that allows them to monetise digital screens on a performance basis.


The Digeiz solution generates extremely accurate and aggregated statistics on pedestrian flows from video surveillance cameras. The AI processes the images in real time, on the fly and without recording, ensuring compliance with the RGPD.


The solution can count, segment by gender or age group and also analyse the complete pathways within the site.


To become the world leader in pedestrian flow analysis solutions

With over 35 employees, Digeiz is currently working with the European leaders, and is rolling out its solution in 9 countries in 2022 and 2023.
Digeiz’s core re-identification technology is unique in the world. Digeiz has beaten academic scores from leading research teams (Max Planck Institute, Germany; Baidu R&D, China).
It enables applications in different verticals, including security & safety, to help video surveillance operators reconstruct the path of individuals on a network of cameras.
The team

Digeiz management team


After an MSc – Corporate Finance at Edhec, Nicolas worked for 5 years within global Tech leaders (NetApp, Microsoft), where he supported strategic customers facing various IT challenges (e.g. IS maturity, cloud adoption). Nicolas joined Julien Desmarais (CTO) in 2017 as CEO to co-develop Digeiz.


As a committed leader, Nicolas co-founded a Trusted AI working group with the French companies of Computer Vision to promote the positive societal impact of AI to European public authorities.


Nicolas Bouvattier


Graduating from Mines-Paristech in 2011, Julien got a taste for research and international work during an exchange semester at Caltech (CA). After a PhD in numerical simulation of two-phase flows in Eindhoven (Netherlands), he used his experience in high performance computing and applied mathematics to co-found Digeiz in 2016. For almost 7 years, Julien has been the technical director. In particular, he has taken the deep-learning turn and has grown the technical team from 1 to more than 20 people.


Julien Desmarais

Head of Operations

Mustapha El Khamlichi


Holder of the ESSEC-ENSAE ParisTech double degree, Alexandre relies on his technical skills as an engineer to meet the challenges of companies.


Alexandre began his career in the strategic management of BNP Paribas in Paris and then New York, before spending 5 years as a strategy consultant. In 2022, he joined the Digeiz management team as Head of Data & Insights to accelerate the company’s development.

Head of data & insights

Alexandre Desaunay

They speak out!


I came on board at the end of 2017 following my meeting with Julien (CTO) and Pierre (founder). All the planets were aligned: the desire to work together, a shared ambition and a perfect complementarity between the 3 of us (sales, tech and consulting).

Nicolas Bouvattier, CEO
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