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Since 2014, the venture builder Technofounders has been creating industrial Deep Tech with a positive societal and environmental impact. Founded by three science and technology enthusiasts and now bringing together more than 150 entrepreneurial partners, Technofounders mainly operates in three specific sectors: healthcare, agriculture, and green chemistry & new materials.

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NeoFarm designs turnkey technology farms that respect sustainable agricultural practices. NeoFarm's small-scale vegetable farms are located close to cities and produce organic vegetables that are distributed locally. Faced with the challenges of climate change and food resilience, our team has set itself the mission of creating an ecological, profitable and attractive production model for the people working on our farms.

UV Boosting

Created in 2016, the UV Boosting company is developing an innovative technology that consists of stimulating the plant's natural defences thanks to UV-C flashes, causing the triggering of a defence mechanism even before the appearance of a pathogen: the plant is thus more resistant and the pathogen's damage is limited. The equipment has a number of advantages, including flexible treatment rates, adaptability to most standard farm machinery and no need for consumables.

Bliss Ecospray

Bliss Ecospray designs face-to-face "aeroconfined" spray pipes using the Coanda effect: the air expelled at very high speed all around the nozzles, more than 200km/h, forms an invisible ring from which no drop can escape, drastically limiting product losses into the air or onto the ground. This patented technological innovation is more economical, more ecological and more efficient than current solutions on the market.

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Green chemistry & New materials


BIOINSPIR was founded to industrialise a revolutionary discovery: Ecocatalysis® In 2008, Prof. Claude Grison observed that certain plant species are capable of naturally accumulating metallic elements. She discovered that she could take advantage of these metal-rich plants to catalyse organic synthesis: this was the creation of the first ecocatalyst®.

Laboratoires Bioprotection

Crusoé presents the very first range of 100% natural mosquito and tick repellents, certified organic (Ecogarantie) and manufactured in France. The Crusoé range is formulated from a unique organic plant-based repellent active ingredient, resulting from French research, which is 7 times more effective than all existing active ingredients (natural and synthetic). The products are available on the website and in pharmacies.

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Stimuli Technology

Born from a problem raised by French urologists, Stimuli Technology was created in 2018 by Technofounders. Its mission is to improve the lives of patients with overactive bladder through a technology based on transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation, more commonly known as TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). To meet this need, Stimuli Technology has developed Tensi+, a medical device for treating overactive bladder. This non-invasive treatment placed on the posterior tibial nerve pathway sends electrical stimulation through electrodes located on the skin.

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Founded in 2015, CERBAIR is the French specialist in anti-drone combat thanks to its radio frequency spectrum control technologies. The Montrouge-based company detects, locates and neutralises malicious drones. Because it is extremely accessible, powerful and guarantees the impunity of its pilot, this vector has become the dream tool of criminals and poses new airborne threats to the security of our societies.


The Digeiz core technology of re-identification is unique in the world. Digeiz has beaten academic scores from leading research teams (Max Planck Institute, Germany; Baidu R&D, China). It enables applications in different verticals, including security & safety, to help video surveillance operators reconstruct the path of individuals on a network of cameras.


ION-X is a startup created in May 2021 by Dr. Jacques Giérak, the world specialist in ion sources for nanoelectronics, with +30 patents filed and +35 years of research conducted at the CNRS, and by Yves Matton, co-founder of the venture builder Technofounders. ION-X deploys a new type of electric propulsion system based on the ejection of very fine, fully ionised particles, aimed mainly at small satellites.


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