Bliss Ecospray - Equipment for high performance aeroconfined spraying


Reduce product losses and improve spray quality

Bliss Ecospray was launched in January 2021 after a meeting between Vincent de Rudnicki, who developed the company’s technology, and Yves Matton and his associates who work within the venture builder Technofounders. Vincent de Rudnicki, a researcher at ISTREA, part of INRAE, has developed a technology to optimise the use of phytosanitary and biological products in vineyards.

Bliss Ecospray is a technological innovation based on a high performance spray confined by air blades. When the two air blades meet, the patented turbulence effect drastically reduces the drift of sprayed products while improving the quality of coverage of treated leaves.


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Optimising vineyard treatments at the right dose

While regulatory restrictions have become increasingly strict in recent years, Bliss Ecospray aims to revolutionise the sprayer market with its innovation aimed at optimising the right dose to be used by winegrowers in their crops.

To date, more than fifteen winegrowers have tested the Bliss Ecospray downpipes on more than 1,200 hectares in real conditions throughout France in parallel with the launch of the first industrial series.

Several exchanges are underway with local partners that will allow Bliss Ecospray to be massively present on the French territory from 2023.

The team

Bliss Ecospray management team


Agro-geneticist and graduate of Emlyon, Gaétan founded the e-commerce company in Agro-supplies “” – while conducting consulting missions for the firms Eurynome and Capitalmind – before handing over the operational management. First employee of Bliss Ecospray in 2021 as Head of Development and Operations, he becomes CEO in September 2022.


A sportsman and botanist in his spare time, he also enjoys real estate and designing interior furniture.


Gaétan Fleury


Charles trained as a general engineer with a specialization in artificial intelligence at Ecole Centrale Paris. After graduating in 2021, he joined Bliss at its creation during his end-of-studies internship to carry out image processing. He remains in the company as a Mechatronics Engineer to carry out R&D missions in various fields in order to ensure the development and integration of Bliss descents on machines.


Curious and fond of the outdoors, hiking, climbing and drawing, he is always up for an afterwork.

Mechatronics Engineer

Charles Combelles


François-Xavier is a graduate engineer from Phelma and Aalto University and has been involved in the world of innovation since the beginning. During his studies, he developed technical and entrepreneurial skills that enabled him to launch two start-up projects in Finland. Following this, he joined a young engineering company as a project manager for the development of special machines for the automotive industry. His attraction for the industrial world allows him to integrate Bliss Ecospray at its creation in 2021 as Industrialization and Production Manager.


Adept of the satisfaction of doing it himself, he spends his free time in the kitchen to elaborate good dishes or in a workshop to create furniture and other decorative objects.

Industrialization and Production Manager

François-Xavier Lelong

They speak out!


The contact with Yves Matton immediately convinced me of the relevance of working with Technofounders, both in terms of human relations and the skills provided for structuring the creation of the company.

De Rudnicki Vincent, Scientific Director

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