Press NeoFarm 11/04/2022

NeoFarm deploys new technology farms to produce organic and local vegetables

Saint-Nom-la-Bret├Ęche, 7 April 2022 – After the launch of its pilot farm in spring 2021, NeoFarm is starting to roll out its model by initiating the installation of two new technology farms. These are located near the Ile-de-France region, one in the Oise and the other in the Eure-et-Loir, and will enable the cultivation of organic vegetables distributed locally using sustainable agricultural practices.

Created in 2018, NeoFarm launched the market garden production activity in 2021 on its pilot farm, installed on two hectares in the Yvelines. There, for the past four years, the team has been developing its technological solutions as well as its agronomic expertise in order to bring about an ecological, profitable and attractive production model for the people working on these farms.

Organic vegetable farms set up for communities and farmers

The first two farms designed by NeoFarm are farms integrating all the technological bricks developed by the company (gantry, tools and management application) as well as expertise in design, management of the production activity and distribution.

Didier Doucet, president of the Pays de Valois community of municipalities in the Oise region, explains why he turned to NeoFarm to implement this project in his municipality: “I was seduced by the concept, which I find innovative, by the robotisation of arduous tasks. The model is virtuous because it allows the inhabitants to be supplied locally with organic, fresh and seasonal products. We were able to envisage the adventure thanks to the expertise and team of NeoFarm, which can implement all the technical and maintenance solutions for the market gardening activity.

Hortense and Thibaut, farmers, also chose to be accompanied by NeoFarm to take over the family farm in the Beauce region: “We decided to join forces to be able to take on all the jobs involved in managing an agricultural activity and to master all the skills needed to meet the challenges. NeoFarm brings us its know-how and unique technology, and we bring them our entrepreneurial spirit and our local roots.

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