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Lean creation of innovative startups from research laboratories
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3 tools to developp your
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Strategic Workshops

Evaluate together the potential of a startup based on your innovation


Co-foundation of startup

Co-found an ambitious startup project and developp it until autonomy



Leverage the Startup Studio to boost the starting company


Strategic Workshop

A work session at the Studio to frame the project

We clarify together the innovative nature of each of your projects

We consider together the relevance of Startup creation for your project (applications, personal implications, financing, execution)

We define together an action plan to validate or not the creation opportunity

Co-foundation of startup

A simple and fast process up to the autonomy of the startup

Your technology makes it possible to create a startup but you do not have the complete team or funds required to launch this adventure?

Our creative process is segmented into several key steps that pace the project up to the creation of the company with funding and complete team

Each member of the Research team, who carries the initial technology, is involved in the project's needs and expectations (executive role, Scientific Council ...)


Financing of startups from the Studio

We invest up to 800k€ for each startup created within the Studio

We execute fast : once the creation opportunity has been verified, financing is available within a few weeks

Our financing partners enable long term development of our Startups (A+ round financing, exit opportunities...)


Lucas Le Bell - CEO CERBAIR

Lucas Le Bell


By joining CERBAIR, I decided to carry my own project on a subject that not only fascinated me but also for which I saw an extremely promising market.

Today more than ever, I realize how difficult it is to undertake, so I am delighted to have been able to do this in a privileged environment, accompanied by a structure very formative, experienced and responsible.

Leaving a large group to join a small start-up company, one quickly understands the importance of the quality and cohesion of the men and women who compose it. I am lucky to be surrounded by talented people at Technofounders, enabling me to learn and progress very quickly, moreover in a relaxed atmosphere, so why deprive yourself?

Juliette Mansard - Entrepreneur en Résidence

Juliette Mansard

Entrepreneur in Residence

After a first professional experience in consulting, I wanted to embark on an entrepreunarial adventure. However I wished to do it as a team on an interesting subject with high added value.

By joining TechnoFounders and its community of startups, I entered the world of entrepreneurship and had the opportunity to discover and evaluate the potential of many technologies.

This experience at TechnoFounders helped me gain new skills, essentials for a future entrepreneur, and above all allowed me to find my project and the team with whom I wanted to launch a company.

Nicolas Petitprez - CTO MAKITOO

Nicolas Petitprez



Technofounders enabled us to turn our technology developped in a laboratory into a successful company ready to conquer its market.

They helped us during the transformation of the company, especialy at the critical points : finding resources and the rigth talents.

Since then, they accompany us in helping us identify and achieve our goals.

Startups from the Studio


Complete Anti-Drone Solution


Optimize your Point of Sales with precise and exhaustive analytics from your traffic


Boost your software products thanks to detailed comprehension of features impact on users


The alternative solution for protecting cultures by stimulating plant defences by UV flash



Pierre Le Blainvaux


Pierre worked for 4 at McKinsey & Company, focusing on marketing & sales issues and public sector.

Pierre graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Columbia University.

Olivier Le Blainvaux


After his debut in strategy consulting, Olivier joined Rocket Internet Group in which he co-founded Jumia’ startup.

Olivier graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Columbia University.

Yves Matton


Yves worked for 3 years at McKinsey&Company, focusing on product development and operations. He then co-founded the French branch of Local Motion, a US-based startup developing a car-sharing technology, acquired in 2015 by Zipcar / Avis group.

Yves graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and MIT.

Florine Fortier

Office Manager

After studying Law, Florine worked for a credit agency. Then, she spent few years abroad (Dubai, Warsaw) and wrote articles for a french local newspaper.

Florine graduated from University of Versailles - Saint Quentin en Yvelines.

Arnaud Guillaumet

Business Developer

After a double Major Engineer/Management, Arnaud had a first entrepreneurial experience. He developped, from the creation to the resale, a 2.0 industrial SME collecting and recycling waste.

Arnaud graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers and HEC Paris.

Vincent Durand

Business Developer

Vincent did a PhD in quantum physics at Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique then worked over 3 years at Boston Consulting Group focusing on technology and digital.

Vincent graduated from University Paris Diderot-Paris 7

Sylvain Chardon

Head of Legal

Prior to join Technofounders in 2017, Sylvain worked for 5 years as a business lawyer and legal counsel in the Société Générale group.

Sylvain is graduated from the Haute Ecole des Avocats Conseils and holds a postgraduate degree in Business Law from Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University.

Juliette Mansard


Before joining us, Juliette worked within sustainability services of several consulting firms like Deloitte.

Juliette graduated from Ecole polytechnique and Ponts Paristech.

Julien Desmarais

CTO - Digeiz

After his master in process engineering in France, Julien got his doctoral degree in the Netherlands by developing a novel numerical model to investigate phase transition phenomena (liquid-vapor).

Julien graduated from Mines-Paristech and Eindhoven University of Technology.

Thomas Bihan-Poudec

Developer - Digeiz

Thomas joined us at the end of his engineering school. He is specialized in IT, in particular web and software development.

Thomas graduated from the National Engineering School of Brest.

Abdessamad Hammouche

Developer - Digeiz

After a Major in Engineering, Abdessamad obtained a Master in Mathematics, Vision, Learning and focused on Machine learning and Image analysis.

Abdessamad graduated from the Ecole Centrale Paris and ENS Cachan.

Emmanuel Dissoubray

CEO - Makitoo

Emmanuel started his career as a product manager at Multiposting, a French startup acquired by SAP. He then joined a second software startup to drive its marketing and product.

Emmanuel graduated from Ecole polytechnique and Ecole des Ponts ParisTech.

Nicolas Petitprez

CTO - Makitoo

Nicolas worked over 5 years in differents software compagnies, in the field of finance and mobile developement. He also worked 5 years at INRIA on various research subject in the field of software engineering.

Nicolas graduated from Polytech' Lille.

Lucas Le Bell

CEO - Cerbair

After several experiences in Market finance, Lucas worked for two years for the private bank J.P. Morgan. He focused mainly on asset management and wealth management.

Lucas graduated for Ecole de Management de Lyon.

Antoine Menini

CTO - Cerbair

After his formation in engineering, Antoine has worked more than two years in the IoT business.

Antoine graduated from Ecole Polytechnique.

Charlie Pinedo

COO - Cerbair

After a double Major Aeronautics Engineering/Management, Charlie worked over 2 years as a strategy consultant mainly in Aeronautics and Defence as well as Private Equity.

Charlie graduated from Ecole nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers, Imperial College London and ESSEC.

Salem Ardjoune

Developer - Cerbair

After two Masters (Mathematics and Informatics - Numerical Analysis of Partial Derivative Equations) Salem realized studies for the french aerospace lab (ONERA) and the Institute of research for constructability (IRC) of ESTP Paris.

Salem graduated from University Pierre and Marie Curie of Paris.

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